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MacKenzie urns provide a timeless and meaningful tribute to a loved one, and are as versatile as they are beautiful. Our urns can serve as a focal point during a service, and are appropriate for in-home display, as vessels for burial, or as a lasting memorial after a loved one's ashes have been scattered.

MacKenzie urns are easily personalized and are designed to fit within various sized niches and columbarium.

MacKenzie urns are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and soothing colors - all hand crafted in the USA from distinctive yet durable materials.

Click on a shape below to see the urn in a variety of colors:

Classic Urn 100 Cubic Inch Urn


210 cubic inches
Length:9.75"  Width:6.75"  Height:6.5"

Angel Classic

100 cubic inches
Length:7.5"  Width:5"  Height:5"
Companion Urn Olympus Urn


420 cubic inches
Length:15"  Width:8"  Height:6.25"


275 cubic inches
Length:11.25"  Width:7.75"  Height:7.25"
Grecian Urn Small Grecian Urn


190 cubic inches
Diameter:7"  Height:10.5"

Small Grecian

35 cubic inches
Diameter:4"  Height:6.5"
Keepsake Urn Small Cube Urn


1 cubic inch
Length:3.5"  Width:2.5"  Height:2.5"

Small Cube

18 cubic inches
Length:4"  Width:4"  Height:4"


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